Monday, October 17, 2011

The Official Leangains Facebook Page


Ok, so since I've pretty much reached the 5000 friends limit on my Facebook profile, I've made a Leangains Facebook page. The activity on my regular profile has been pretty intense, with lots of discussions, success stories, meal photos, recipes, interesting links and new research, etc, and I'm hoping that will continue on the fan page from now on.

So if you're fiendin' for some good food porn, like this awesome high-protein banana cream pie someone just posted on my wall:

Hot damn that looks awesome. I'll tell him to post the recipe on the page.

Then you should definitely keep your eyes peeled on this page. If you're interested in discussions with the numerous active Leangains followers, we'll have that here as well. I'll be popping in when I get a chance to answer questions, but there's plenty of knowledgeable folks that can help you out. So just hit that there "like" button and hop on in.

The page might look a little bare bones right now, but I'll get it properly set up and going within the next few days. Didn't expect there to be a whole science to making it look right and functional (which I'm clearly hopeless at).

My name is Martin Berkhan and I work as a nutritional consultant, magazine writer and personal trainer.

Welcome to the Internet's leading resource on intermittent fasting and all things related.

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