Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Interview Update and Some Random Goodies


The first interview I did back in 2008 also happens to be the most extensive. Though the basic Leangains protocol(s) hasn't changed dramatically, Leigh Peele was kind enough to update and add the new information to the original interview.

Martin Berkhan and Intermittent Fasting: Interview

Speaking of Leigh Peele, I have reviewed her book on fat loss here: Fat Loss Troubleshoot Review. I think she has improved and added to the book bundle since then. Good primer on fat loss and the issues related to dieting in general.

That's that. Though some might get the impression that I'm only drinking and partying, which as we all know by now is not as bad as some people believe, I've actually had my hands full. Now that things are settling down, I have several articles planned over the next few weeks. Here's a preview of what I have in store for you:

1. A nutrition- and diet-related article that will include some new research very relevant to a topic readers would be interested in. This should be up quite soon. I just need to do some fact-checking.

2. A co-op article featuring a secret guest. Topics include intermittent fasting, training and a little something I haven't talked much about in the past.

3. An article about cardio and strength training, cardio for fat loss, how to combine the two, and so forth.

4. The Protein Fluff Special. Making the perfect protein fluff is not easy. Fear not, noobs. Once I show you the secrets behind a fine fluff, you will be on the fast-track to Protein Fluff Mastery Level 10. The basic protein fluff recipe can be found here: Amazing High-Protein Recipes and Jack3D Review.

Protein fluff seems to be the favorite topic on my Facebook wall. Here's Tom showing off his creamy vanilla berry fluff.

5. Leangains Meals Part Three. These meals would make a Tupperware carrying 6-meal-a-day'er curl up in a ball on the floor and enter a catatonic state. Check out Leangains Meals Part One and Leangains Meals Part Two if you haven't done so already. Part Three will include calories and macros for the meals.

By the way, I post on forums every now and then, and over the years I've written quite a bit in the Intermittent Fasting Mega Thread on They recently had to make a part two, since the original - spanning hundreds of pages with more than a million views - got too damn long.

I figured some of you - especially new readers interested in the Leangains protocol - would want to check it out. I'd recommend Intermittent Fasting for Strength Training and Fat Loss - Part Two since the knowledge and quality of discussion has evolved quite a bit over the years. A few of the posters there are well-versed in the Leangains methodology and would be happy to answer your question (or direct you to the right resource). A few recent forum posts of mine:

A Calorie Deficit is a Recovery Deficit. I will elaborate on some of the points made here in the upcoming article I talked about earlier (#3).

The Most Satiating Foods per Calorie?

That's it for now.


Matt said...

I will be looking forward to these articles. I have been on the 16/8 now for 4 weeks and I feel great and have lost 6 lbs but have lost inches in my waist. Thank you again Martin.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog like a maniac. I have some doubt about something basic... here it goes:
If i workout fasted. And I eat all my calories in just one meal, still meal frequency irrelevant? Even for grow or cutt, it will have the SAME effect? Is it meal frequency just fucking optional in every case?

The Perfect Storm said...

As sad as it is, i am less excited for your new science articles and more interested in the perfect fluff...I hope you will include a comprehensive list of protein powders that can by used, my cytosport casein is apparently bush league.

Chino said...

Top stuff Martin! Looking forward to a lot of things and even though I have your main concept pat down I'll be the first to buy your book.

I also appreciate point 3 re: cardio for us who want to maintain our fitness, otherwise I haven't been sitting idly by as I've been testing different protocols and observing it's impact, so far so good.

Keep up the awesome work matey!

Eric said...

What a tease!

Can't wait.

MJR said...

Right on, Martin. Look forward to all of these rockin' articles!!

Chino said...

One more thing Martin, your protein fluff keeps popping up in my head and now has officially given me some ideas to add more calories. LG/IF has made me eat so clean at such high volumes and yet it's nearly taken me three weeks to self-troubleshoot and stop the weight from dropping.

Anyway, with the protein fluff I've got an idea with mixing the following to make a healthy snack:
- 1 to 2 scoops of protein powder
- 1 egg
- double cream
- cottage cheese
- stevia

Creamify the hell out of that, healthy protein snack :D

Steve Philp said...

Looking forward to the update big-time!

Got the fluff down now man! At's all in keeping it ice cold people people!

Doing Jorg Fagerli's myo reps with a DoggCrapp split and Leangains 16-8 and early morning LISS.

All I need to do is sort out calorie fine-tuning and I'll be another shredded success story! 10lbs till a genuine 6%.

Summer's too close!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep it up big guy!

And2 said...

Hey Martin been up to date with your blogs..
i was hoping you would suggest some cardio protocols in order to gain the defined look (around a bf% of below 10)
I have read your suggestion on lyle book and read his protocols but according to him you can not maintain all the muscle you have during his form of protocol

Also i wanted to mention that you have suggested high fat and high protein limiting carbs on rest days wont this increase ur Bf% even while cutting phase that is decreasing bf% below 10???.I am overjoyed reading your articles everyday and to my context i belive you follow a ketogenic diet during the rest days am i right?? Btw i am 16 :)

Thank you Martin on opeaning our eyes with that eat every 3-4 hrs crap!


And2 said...

I have been using your method since the last few months (3 months or so)i had lost a lot of muscle due to cardio excess hence my comment above

i have had a great fall in my bf% but i am stalled at 12% really willing to break that plateau and i have been reading Lyle's forum on how to do so
I believe you agree with his comments and hence have a some what similar approach like his..Except the intermittent fasting approach

Hoping i get your reply on this..btw is there any problem for me to consume whey and other protein supplements including BCAA twice a day..(Since i am a Lacto-Vegetarian)?????

Thanks LOADS!!!!!!!! :D

-Aakash :D

Ahmed said...

Excited for the upcoming posts Martin, thanks!

Derek said...

Awesome Martin, can't wait for the new articles. Especially protein fluff! Just out of curiosity when will you be available for consultation again. Thanks for any response. Keep up the tremendous work

Kristian said...

Awesome Martin. Looking forward to these articles for sure.

I just found your blog a little over a week ago. I've adopted the 16/8 IF approach and I can't believe how good I feel. I've actually been lifting slightly MORE than normal, and I'm down a little bit of weight as well.

My wife is a little skeptical, but she won't be able to deny the results. Awesome blog. WTB a book. What happened with that BTW?

Kenil said...

Is it wrong that I am most excited about #4? :P

Which one of these is referring to the article you were going to do earlier? The one that you said was something very new, found in the deepest pits of PubMed!

Danny said...

Martin isn't anything short of a perfectionist. The book will be well worth the wait.

Magnus said...

Först vill jag tacka för en fantastisk blogg!
Faktum är att jag läser två bloggar, dels denna men även en annan träningsrelaterad blogg som jag tänkte att jag skulle tipsa dig om då jag tror att du skulle kunna finna mycket av innehållet i den intressant (om du inte redan läser den).

Läs t.ex detta:

Anonymous said...


Would it be very detrimental for a female to fast for 18 hrs if that's the only possibility?

Keep ut the good work.

Martin Berkhan said...


Book is coming this year. That's about all I'm going to say right now. As I've proved in the past, I'm not great with deadlines regarding the release and specific dates.


I recommend that females start with 14 hours and take it from there. If you do great on 18 hours, go ahead.

Generally speaking, women do not tolerate fasts as well as men. Well, theoretically (studies). Anecdotally, I haven't noticed that much of a gender difference re: 16/8. Then again, that might be due to selection bias so who knows.

Jeff said...

I am also looking forward to the cardio article. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin - a quick question

Have you had any clients employ a protocol of fasted early morning training session, further followed by fasting until 12-1-2 etc and still achieved positive results without the use of BCAA's?

Just curious


Fredrik Gyllensten said...

Very much looking forward to those articles, Martin! :)

Jamie said...

Can't wait to read your new articles. I can't get enough of these. Thanks Martin


Anonymous said...

Different topic, I think it would be awesome if you could do an own training video, when you're training. I think everyone would enjoy such a video, Martin Pumping Iron, nothing fancy, just a few shoots when you train.
I know I think it would be awesome, and I'm sure everyone else would think agree.

Tim said...

Great information,I have been following your protocol for a month now and I notice that I am more energetic and clear headed.

diet plan to lose weight said...

great, always looking forward to reading your articles, long but informative, though I will say its more for advanced trainers, and not beginners due to complexity of some jargons!

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