Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why I Added a Donation Button


I just added a donation button to my site because readers have been asking for it in comments, PMs, emails and so forth. I'm temped to say that it's almost by request, but honestly the only reason it wasn't up before was because I didn't know if anyone would be interested in donating. I tend to be a bit cynical when it comes to people's generosity. Well, it turns out I was wrong, and quite a few people have already donated.

After having read literally hundreds of emails and comments on my FB wall, I know that people are appreciative of the work I've done and found it very valuable. Life changing, even. A few of you might ask yourselves what's so "life changing" about my writings on diet and training. If that's what you're thinking, you're lucky enough to not have been stuck in the confined pattern of constantly worrying about eating every second hour and obsessing about other trivial things related to your diet or training.

It's no exaggeration that having a passion for health and fitness is a double-edged sword for some. On one hand it keeps us healthy physically. On the other hand it has the potential to rule our lives by instilling in us a belief system that impacts negatively on other parts of our lives. I talked about these rules many times before; read "Top Ten Fasting Myths Debunked" if you can't level with me on this issue.

My goal has always been to offer well-researched articles about what's true and what's not, a sane alternative, and dispel myths that plague the health and fitness community. By educating people about what's true and what's not, I guess I have managed to change a few lives for the better in the process. And that's great, I think.

Whether you donate or not is completely up to you, of course. I've donated to people who I thought deserved it. I most recently sent $100 to this guy, simply because I like his show and think he's doing a great job. I didn't have to; his content would still be there and it would still be free. But I still did it to show my appreciation. And I'd still buy his book if he ever wrote one.

Here's a few more reasons to donate.

1. Each article is a day's worth of writing, more or less, so it's a big time investment on my part. I'll be moving to a new place in March, so right now looking for a place to live is high on my priority list. Since I keep very busy with other projects, I simply can't prioritize articles and blog posts as they barely make me any money. Call me crazy, but the reason I write is because I like to share information that adds some kind of value to people. Making money from ads and such has never been my motivation for writing. Anyway, if enough people would contribute a little something, I might be able to keep the site active during the upcoming months, which will be more hectic than usual. (Simply because I can do less of the other stuff that brings money.)

2. I will reward donors. I'm not sure how, and when, but I have a few ideas. I am thinking of rewarding the top 5 or top 10 donors and then randomly select a sample below the top 5-10.

3. My birthday is a little more than a week away (Feb 22nd). So you can think of the donation as a birthday  present :D

But you know what, don't let me attempt to persuade you with the above reasons. Never mind them. It's as simple as this: If you like my stuff and if it has made your life better, donate. If you like my stuff, but don't want to donate, well, that's OK too.

Big thanks to the good people that have contributed so far (before the donation button was added): Greg El ($200), John Mitchell ($100), Jon Larsson ($80/500 SEK),  Anna Johansson ($80/500 SEK), Jack Lypka ($70), Owen Leahy ($50), Jenn Diamond ($50) (Check out Jenn's website about Leangains, diet and training in general. Some good meal ideas there.).

If I have forgotten someone, and I probably have, then I'm sorry for that (email me). Another thanks to Owen Leahy who gave me the idea for the button.

Keep in mind that you don't need a PayPal account to make a donation. I appreciate any amount you want to contribute.


Anonymous said...

just a quick question, will you be able to see who's donated?

Vincent said...

Just sent you $100 buddy. That's just a fraction's worth of the value your blogs have added to my life. Keep up the great work.

Vincent S

Martin Berkhan said...




Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it. Btw I mistakenly deleted your comment the first time, so I wrote & posted it myself - hope you don't mind and I hope it's close enough to what you originally wrote.

Dan O. said...

$100 your way.... Invaluable stuff, keep it up and thanks....

digitalfrost said...

Thank you Martin. Your Website has helped me immensely. Waiting for the book <3.

Ben said...

I wish I could've donated more, but I also paid for my wedding today. My soon-to-be wife and I owe you much more--you are the reason we're gonna look so great on our wedding day :)

JS said...

Donate? OF COURSE! I love your stuff man. $100 on the way!

John said...

Happy to help, you deserve it. Your work has done heaps for me and my clients. Just contributed 50 bucks and I'm planning to give more once the bills are paid.

Valeriya said...

Martin we talked 2 years ago...i dont know if you remember me but the advise you gave me saved my life. i am much healthier now thanks to you. Maybe you remember maybe you dont. Today i finally get chance to return the favuor in a small way so i donated to you 300$ now. Thank you so much.



Desirée said...

Många bäckar små.. I'm glad to say that your blog, twitter and random comments on different forums has truly helped me find my ultimate way of living. On top of life, healthier and stonger than ever,thanks alot.

Jeremy Chapman said...

I'm poor but you're awesome. Small donation sent!

SolidD33 said...

Totally changed my outlook and style of eating to something ordinary people and bodybuilders find amazing or appalling ;) If only they knew....small donation sent.

Anonymous said...

Just donated - well worth it. Still interested in a consult with you!

Ricardo E. C. Alves said...

A lot of people may be thanking you for the fat they lost. I'm not. My thanks are for the muscle I put on without getting fat, I was a pretty fat-skinny guy and was hard to change it.

But then it came: 30 pounds in the past 2 months and almost no fat. For start I will donate today this $30 bucks. And I will keep donating more every month, because I own that much.

You do your consultations and you earn your share with them. But what you do here is selfless not some self-promotion. You brought change to many things whit your no bullshit approach to the dieting and muscle-training.

Wish I had found Leangains earlier, would have saved me time, money and worthless dieting pain.

Keep up that hell of a work and you will always have this brazilian client.

Pinata said...

Your diet has helped me lose 55 lbs so far so this is a no brainer for me:) $100 and my heartfelt thanks to you Martin!

burtonator said...

Hooked you up... felt it was best to say thanks for all the long blog posts :)

Martin Berkhan said...

Big thanks to everyone that has donated so far. I sincerely appreciate it. You guys turned a gloomy evening into a great one.


I remember. Check your email.


Thanks for the kind words. Those are some truly mind-boggling results. Feel free to email and tell me more about what it is you did.

Stig said...

A lousy 50$ coming your way from me.

Been eating and working out Leangains style since june 2010 and except some occasional dizzy spells and struggling with gaining strenght in squats I'm very happy with the results. I'm confident your forthcoming book will reveal what I'm doing wrong.

Just hope these donations won't give you second thoughts about bothering ever publish the book man :-P

Ricardo E. C. Alves said...

Thanks Martin,

I still didn't achieve the leaness level that I want. I suffered and injury last year. My will broke, I stopped training and ate junk like a monkey. And blam! right back at the start.

Since recovered and I started to register and take photos of the whole progress.

I will sure email you with the results and setup. Thanks again.

Dor said...

Gladly I will donate!

Mike said...

I just realized we have the same birthday. Happy Early bday, man!

Ahmed said...

Just got back a bunch of money from my school, (financial aid) I'm gonna be sending 500 your way once it clears into my account, and monthly payments of 30-50.

Why? Since you never gay me personal training, or that we never met? or that if my dad found out he'll think i'm crazy?(haha)

But because you finally got me out of that insane trap of always worry about my diet in and out, and the way i see it is, the more money I donate, the more articles I see that make me live better.

Thanks Martin,

take care mate

Anonymous said...

How do you donate without Paypal? The donation link seems to be Paypal only.

Martin, you do a freaking great job. Good luck!

Sladana said...

You definitley deserve a donation, for all of your knowledge, dedication and devotion and sharing it all with us. My donation is unfortunatley not close to 100$ but still showing the appreciation and gratitude
Thank you Martin

Jenn said...

thanks for the link, Martin. Just got back from traveling and had a handful of comments on my blog thanks to you.

Noodle said...

I've never donated before but if there's one person that I think really deserves it, it's you, Martin. You alone have improved my life more than you can ever imagine (oh if you only knew...). You got $200 coming your way.

Anonymous said...

When I think about all of the bogus supplements and retarded training and nutrition books I've wasted my hard earned money on in the past....well, I try not's just a no-brainer and a sound investment with GREAT returns when donating to you.

Cindy Lewis

PullRight said...

Thank you Martin.

Your site is the first I look at every day. I read every Tweet too. I think I've re read everything on the site twice. Well worth a donation and I will continue to do so over the years. My physique has changed. My eating habits are fun and straight forward. And it's all extremely interesting. Thanks again. Paul Wright.

Fredrik Gyllensten said...

Thanks for a lot of great information, I hope you will keep up the good work, and I hope a lot of people will donate - you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to donate without Paypal (not supported in my country)? I'd love to add my bit.

RedSaint said...

Wow, I've never read your stuff, but seeing as you donated to day[9] (which content I also find invaluable) I'll be sure to spread the word about your work since I know a few who constantly worry about their diet regarding exercise.

J.Lynch said...

Mr anonymous, yes you can -

How can I accept donations from donors who don't have a PayPal account?

Donors without a PayPal account can still donate – either by creating an account or paying by credit card on the PayPal website.

Martin, Keep up the great work, appreciate all you do. I can never really pay you for all things I've learned but I'm hoping $100 will do a little bit.

Ian said...

Just sent 60 bones your way Martin. A small token of my apprciation. Since coming across your blog I have implemented rev pyramid training, ditched the HIT for leisurly walks and of course broke out of the prison that is six meals/day and now eat only from 1-9 pm almost every day (occasionly I break the fast later). All while eating foods that would make most bodybuilders sh#t themselves. In that small time I have gone from a somewhat softer 185 lbs to a svelte 170, strength has increased as well. Only have about 5-7 more lbs to go to be nice and ripped.....thanks again.

Cem said...

Hej, I thought you were already rolling in dough from your jet-set modeling days?

I joke, you deserve every bit of this -- I would have contributed myself if I wasn't quite poor right now.

However, get on with the fat loss sekretz you mentioned earlier, from the deepest ends of PubMed. It's almost spring and there are bros that need to get jacked, you know.

How To Die Young said...

People will donate because you provide valuable information. Keep up the good work.

Khai said...

You're the man!

Kamil said...

Great job so far Martin. Keep it up!

Jason said...

Holy crap you're a Starcraft player? Even better, you know of Day9? Do you visit Teamliquid?

I have to say your site and principles are amazing, really changed the way I eat. If I had money I would donate, but alas I am a poor university student. But I appreciate the work you do extremely. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Martin. c:

Ricardo E. C. Alves said...

Happy birthday there Martin! Just tweeted you from my account (@resteves) and sent you another donation as a gift. Thanks for all your help, keep it up!

Contemplationist said...

Happy Birthday Martin

I start a lean-gains-ish protocol today - deadlifts and bench presses today followed by squats and pullups on friday. Thanks for all your work

Tim H said...

Hi Martin! Happy Birthday for Yesterday!

Just a quick Q. With regards to fasted training in the early morning.

Taking BCAA 15min before training (Cross Fit Training)

Then taking BCAA again at 8 and 10

What percentages of Protein Carbs and fats would you recommend for breaking fast at around 12:30 PM?

Kind regards,

Justin Foerster said...

Dude, Martin, I think it is so awesome that you play Starcraft 2 and donated $100 to Day9. Incredible.

BTW, Starcraft 1 is better than 2. OH SNAP

Martin Berkhan said...

That's true, Justin, but Brood War has been refined & balanced for some 10 years+ and SC2 is still being polished & fine-tuned with the new patch releases and such.

Roland Homoki said...

hey Martin

I just finished reading your blog.
I can say, that these infos you give to the people are very valuable. I use IF since I started to read the blog, and I have many good experiences (especially that I'm a slow reader, so I had time)
I'll donate as soon as I paid my tax ;)

You made a big change in my life.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the best I have come across. Thank you for the great work, and please do keep it up! I finally donated, and when I can afford more will definitely donate more, as I so appreciate your hard work.

Anonymous said...

I may be late to the donation party, but have just sent one along.

Rusty - FBB said...

Martin...I have been meaning to contribute to the cause for quite a while, but I keep forgetting. Just made my first donation.

Still loving the site,


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