Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Leangains Interviews, Meals, and Recommended Reading


For those of you who haven't read the interviews with me over at Richard Nikoley's site, head over there and check them out.

Here's the first part: "Martin Berkhan Means It."

Second part: "Martin Berkhan's Workout Approach."

Third part: "Leangains: The Dietary Approach." This is the latest one where I talk about net metabolizable energy of protein, the benefits of post-workout carbs, insulin sensitivity and more.

You'll also find a great deal of ideas for Paleo-friendly and Leangains-certified meals over at Richard's site.

Richard is a skilled practitioner of meat mastery.

Leangains Meals

You'll find more examples of Leangains meals here:

"Leangains Meals."

"Leangains Meals Part Two."

And let's not forget the now worldwide famous "Protein fluff"-recipe.

Interviews and Resources

I've done quite a few interviews over the years. The most extensive one, which describes my approach and how it came to be, can be found here: "Intermittent Fasting with Martin Berkhan."

Recommended Reading

I was recently asked to give some book and resource recommendations for trainers over at "Functional Fitness," a Swedish site. Here's what I recommended:

"Beyond Brawn: The Insider's Encyclopedia on How to Build Muscle and Might."

"Starting Strength (2nd edition)."

"Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism."

"Näringslära för Högskolan." (Swedish, nutrition.)

"Eat Stop Eat Expanded Edition." (Intermittent fasting, link goes to my review.)


Furthermore, I recommended a few good and information-packed websites for training and nutrition related information:

Lyle McDonald's Site. Lyle has a great deal of free information on his site. For someone who wants to dig deeper, see: "Book Reviews: Best of Lyle McDonald."

Alan Aragon's Blog.

James Krieger's Site.


LayzieBone085 said...

Lots of great reads, and awesome meals. You should get some more meals up. Its always great to find tons of different ideas to implement into your diet especially for those who like to cook and get diversity.

Great stuff as always Martin.

Daniel said...

I dig James Krieger's writing. I was a bit bummed when weightology went private. He also has another blog that doesn't get updated very often at

Palmer said...

I have to buy Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism anyway for next semester, but I'm glad you give it your thumbs up!

Hubbward said...

There definitely needs to be another Leangains meals-post! A huge one...

Anonymous said...

How would an EC stack + intermittent fasting work?

James said...

Super post Martin, good to see you keeping posts more regular, even if they are just tid-bits or brief updates - very handy!

How do you work with paleo slanted clients? I know you favour higher carb intake over higher fat (on workout days) due to risking BF gains via full intramuscular triglycerides stores (etc etc); would you still recommend a low fat intake on 'paleo workout days' i,e, higher carbs, coming from squash/sweet potatoes?

Thanks, have a great festival period!

Fushan Kwoon said...

Hi Martin,

Great interview. I was wondering, I just watch a documentary on Mikko Salo, a crossfit champion. You said in one of the interview that we shouldn't do strength training and HIIT training like burpees at the same time or on the same day. I guess you're not much of a crossfit fan but Mikko Salo and many other crossfit practitioners are reaped and pretty muscular. They also seem to be strong and have a good stamina. Mikko's heart is beating at 31 !

Anonymous said...

Very nice articles indeed.

Would one benefit from doing a set or two abwork or is it a waste of time? My abs are visible even when i´m fat and now they look really good but everything could be better!

If so, is there a exercise you recommend?

And now for some compliments:

I´ve made a "comeback" after a few years of really slacking due to a back injury. Since june 2010 i´ve followed pf leangains approach eating 2 big meals aday and made really nice progress. Down from 99 to 87 kg, about 12% bf. Target is 82-ish and sub 10% bf, but i´m in no hurry. I´d rather take a few months extra if I dont have to starve myself. Your approach is great and i´m spreading the word.

Since a few months i´m also following your workout routine and strenght is slowly creeping up. I made a 4 on 150 kg deadlift last workout which is awesome considering my back that really is much better from this than all that b-s pilates-ball-stuff.

Best fitness source online is my verdict, and i´m a google-backbelt! :D


Anonymous said...

How's your progress in deads, squats, bench and chins Martin? Any new PR's?

Anonymous said...

As always, great info!
i was wondering if I was to refeed in a 22/2 time frame directly after a fullbody workout and/or cardio, would it be of any effect at all?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the book recommendations, Martin. I am ordering them right now.


Fredrik Gyllensten said...

Thanks for the book recommendations, I've added Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism and Näringslära för högskolan to my to-read list :-)

ohnoUdidnt said...

Martin. I am new to Leangains and I am very excited to give it a try. I have done several other programs with varying success. I know that you get so many requests that you can't answer the all, but I have some special circumstances that I would like you to consider so you can give me specific workout advice: my belly button in an "innie," my second toe is longer than my big toe, I am circumcised, and my Mom says I am related to Thomas Jefferson. What tweaks do you recommend?

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