Sunday, December 5, 2010

Leangains Goes Global


I'm thrilled to have such an enthusiastic and loyal following. Thanks to a few of them, two of my most popular articles have been translated into several languages. You'll find links to the various translations in this post.

Swedish translations of "Top Ten Fasting Myths Debunked" and "The Truth About Alcohol, Fat Loss and Muscle Growth" are confirmed, as is a Dutch version of the former. I'll need to double-check with the Czech translation, so it'll be "unconfirmed" until further notice.

If you're interested in translating an article to put on your blog or forum, let me know. I'll be adding your translation to this post and notify people whenever a new translation is available.

My demands are:

1. That you do a decent job. It goes without saying that you can't just run it through "Google Translate" and hope to get a coherent article.

2. That you keep the hyperlinks intact.

3. That you link back to the original article.

4. That you notify me beforehand in case someone else who speaks your language got the same idea. Wouldn't want people to waste their time if someone else is working on the same translation.

5. I want to know where you plan on publishing it.

What are the benefits of translating an article? Well, first of all, it's a great way to drive traffic to your blog or forum.

But - most importantly - you'll be doing your part in the fight against broscience. And that, my friends, is doing the Universe a big favor that will yield good karma in all eternity :D

Top Ten Fasting Myths Debunked

Original article.

German translation.

French translation.

Spanish translation.

Norwegian translation.

Polish translation.

Swedish translation.

Japanese translation.

* Czech (unconfirmed).

The Truth About Alcohol, Fat Loss and Muscle Growth

Original article.

French translation.

German translation.

Spanish translation.

Polish translation.

Swedish translation.

The Leangains Guide

Original article.

German translation.

French translation.

Finnish translation.

Polish translation.

Spanish translation.

Japanese translation.


Original article.

Norwegian translation.

Am I forgetting someone? Please notify me and I'll add you.

P.S. Today is the last day to vote for me as "Role Model of The Year". If you think I'm worthy of the award, don't forget to put in your vote before it's too late. Read this post for instructions on how to vote. It should take less than a minute of your time. Thanks to everyone who's voted so far. (Voting is closed. Thanks to everyone who voted for me.)

P.S.S. I've added a few new posts about Leangains and intermittent fasting here: "Intermittent Fasting Blogs." (See "Added Dec 3rd".) Check out Richard's and Raj's awesome results and read Clement's story about how he conquered his eating disorder.


Bill Pairaktaridis said...

So, it's cool to translate your article in Greek, credit you and post it on my blog (which is in English but I'd make an exception to spread the good word)?

JamesSteeleII said...

Lol, Broscience.

Gotta love some of the examples from urban dictionary

Anonymous said...

Norwegian version of 'Top Ten Fasting Myths Debunked"?

Dan said...

I voted....

kristoffer said...

You forgot the norwegian translation:

Ahmed said...

That's pretty awesome Martin!

Lore Nzo said...

hi Martin!
what about an italian translation? If you like I could make it,I am italian and I'm on leangains from july with huge results!

Anonymous said...

Martin, I'm just wondering how it is that you write so well in English.

You're from Sweden, right? Is Swedish your first language? Did you learn English at a very young age, or do you have an American/Commonwealth parent or something? Of course I've heard that "everyone" in Scandinavia speaks English very well, but your English looks totally idiomatic to me; I don't think I'd ever guess it wasn't your first language (it wasn't, right?).

I ask these questions in admiration. I wish I could write/speak another language, or other languages, so well.

---Monoglot American

Anonymous said...

hi Martin, just a question: cant find that damm cottage cheese of yours in my country. so im just eating ricotta( low fat and regular, usually with a nice big steak) is that cheese ok? i read about it and apparently is the opposite of cottage, but then i see it has the same amount of cals and it looks kite similar if not the same. ? thanks. any alternatives?

this is what i have here

Anonymous said...

Resetting the circadian rhytms: Why CR and IF provide health benefits? -

Anonymous said...

so i should go for a lower fat, lower sodium, higher protein cheese? what about this one?

has a bit more calories but this should be "slow digestive" ( not that i really need all this im doing 23 fast + one meal each day fine with ricotta btw XD)

Eddy said...


I'd be happy to translate some of your articles in Italian and post them on my just-started blog.
My focus will not be only IF, though.
More a no-nonsense, down-to-earth and ready-to-use approach to training, eating and performing well while staying healthy.

Best wishes

Fredrik Gyllensten said...


But really, who in Sweden or Norway don't know english?

Anonymous said...

LOL guess ricotta then, thanks and happy Thanksgivings to all!

malpaz said...

voted, and congratulations. thats so cool everyone everywhere can read your stuff. youre gonna change/impact so many lives!

Orinn said...

Martin, How come we cant see any comments on your post's now unless I click on it and it takes me to the blogger site??? Orinn

Megan said...

"STFU with your broscience" hahaha!

Gregor said...


I know that you're very busy, so I'll try to keep it short:

I follow the recommendations of stretching scientifically and because of this I circle my joints every morning and then I do some dynamic stretches with a total amount of about 90 repetitions. The whole procedure lasts for 5-10 min.
Would it be ok to fast during that time or should I eat some protein afterwards just to be sure? (Of course I eat at least 2g protein/kg BW and also a lot of fibers.)
I follow IF more because of the benefitial eating patterns. Eating a small amount of proteins in the morning would still allow me a lot of freedom later in the day, but I'd prefer fasting for 16 hours though, because of the (potentially) better nutrient timing.

can't wait till your book comes out.

greetings, Gregor

Anonymous said...

Martin, there are some interesting questiones at the leangains guide comments, please check them latter, I think the answers would be interesting for all of us.


Tuoa said...

Hi Martin,
I've been following leangains protocol for 2 months now, and dicussing and sharing opinion about it on a French bodyweight training community.
In order to keep objectivity and make leangains fully understood, I justed posted today a translation of the leangains guide.

I will add hyper links later on, but I hope that would make people understand better the protocole and promote your work!
Cjeck it here:

By the way, any date on the book's publication?

Anonymous said...


are. you. fucking. serious?

Anonymous said...


Epic fail. His name is Martin Berkhan, not David Berkhan.

Tuoa said...

Yep, pretty good...
Thanks for the informated, I corrected it.

The translation should be close to Martin's message tough.

Martin Berkhan said...

Lore Nzo,

"what about an italian translation? If you like I could make it,I am italian and I'm on leangains from july with huge results!"

Sure, go ahead.


"Martin, I'm just wondering how it is that you write so well in English.

You're from Sweden, right? Is Swedish your first language?"

Thanks. Yes, I'm a Swede and Swedish is my first language. I used to read English books from a very early age. I was a bit of a nerd and wanted to read fantasy/sci-fi books in their original format, since I thought the Swedish translations were exceedingly lame. I worked abroad, including NYC, during my years of modelling, which probably helped a bit. Furthermore, languages and writing has always been my strong suit.

Martin Berkhan said...


"But really, who in Sweden or Norway don't know english?"

Seemingly more than you think, given the questions I see in regards to the Leangains approach on the Swedish forums.


"Martin, How come we cant see any comments on your post's now unless I click on it and it takes me to the blogger site??? Orinn"

Not sure what you mean.

Martin Berkhan said...


Thanks, I'll add the link to the post.

Martin Berkhan said...


"So, it's cool to translate your article in Greek, credit you and post it on my blog (which is in English but I'd make an exception to spread the good word)? "

Yes, of course. Let me know when it's up.

Anonymous said...

you are the best Martin, just keep working!

Alex said...

How would an EC stack + intermittent fasting work?

Anonymous said...

Martin, do you know what level of intake protein starts to have negative effects? 5g/kg?

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin, the New York Times today has an article about a study on the benefits of exercising in a fasted state

Though they are late to the party, it looks like they are catching on.

Anonymous said...

Martin, I'll do the translation for pt-BR.
It's all right?

Antti said...

Martin, there is Finnish language translate guide for Leangains.

I know many Finland people which are completing your Leangains guide

Hope this Finish translate be helpful!

Antti said...


Earlier Finnish leangains guide is removed by blog moving.

u will see it by clicking your website Finnish translation guide

thomas.dri said...

When an italian translation?

thomas.dri said...

Hi I have an italian translation of the leangains guide ready....where can I send it to you?

rea said...

Nice post.I'll be waiting for the professional czech translation if it becomes available.Any further notice?

babyjschatz said...

Martin, I really want to translate your articles in Russian! There is a huge fitness community (with plethora of bros) that desperately needs information. I would like to start with most popular ones and, if time allows me, would like to translate more when possible. I have a fitness-blog in Russian and have a very decent number of followers, mostly girls. As soon as I mentioned, I have received a number of requests for translation. There is a huge number of Russian speaking fitness enthusiasts who would love to read. Hope to hear from you soon!

jill said...

Nice post.The importance of a technical translation being accurate and efficient can indeed not be overstated. Especially in the ever faster moving world of globalized business, successful information and technology transfer within multinational businesses can make the difference between win or lose.

SaiKo said...

Martin, Polish translations are offline

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