Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's That Special Time of The Year Again


I'm not talking about Christmas. I'm talking about Super Christmassacre 2010.

This time my cheesecake mastery will be pushed to its utmost limits. I can sense the ominous presence of the cheesecake that awaits me tomorrow from miles ahead. Its dark and brooding power is not to be trifled with.

However, I will not come unprepared. I have honed my skills. Mastered new techniques. Just a few weeks ago, I made quick work of a cheesecake that had teamed up with a goose. I ate them both. Whole.

No one knows how this battle will go down. Anything can happen. One thing is for sure; I'll give em hell.

Merry Christmas everyone.

P.S. Want to avoid unwanted weight gain during holiday eating? Then you better check out "Cheat Day Strategies for a Hedonist."


Dan Go said...

You are awesome my friend.

malpaz said...

i love this...ill be mastering a bottle of bacardi

CG said...

That's an awesome animation!

The cheesecake reminds me of the slime in Ghostbusters.

Alan said...

What is your favourite cheesecake? Any recepies for us?

Darrin said...

This time... it's PERSONAL! Can't wait for the debriefing.

Anonymous said...

LOL, classic stuff right there

rob said...

Send that cheesecake to its grave

Gina said...

Good luck with that cheesecake, and merry merry Christmas.

batty said...


i could possibly be scarred for life.

Suris said...

Martin, Merry Christmas to you!

Is there any specific date for your book release next year? I'm starting my first bulk this January and would love to do it the IF way.

Thank you!

cubby said...


Its heart is throbbing in terror.

Anonymous said...

Who else thinks Martin should post the cheesecake recipe so we can all make one and duel to the deaths?

Now that would be a TRUE christmassacre.

Ahmed said...

Lol @Martin and @Malpaz

Joe said...

That had teamed up with a goose lulz

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, unless I cut calories too drastically I don´t crave processed stuff while doing Leangains, making my goal of achieving single digit BF% possible at all.

Anyway, just for fun, I have planned long ago a cake massacre for the end of my cut, just like one of your clients did. I hope it´s before mid-2011.

LayzieBone085 said...

@ Alan
The recipe for his cheesecake is a handed down one in his family.

Martin told me this before in an e-mail " I do not know the recipe, but if i did I would eat the damn thing everyday. Good thing i do not have an oven"

Should be a very epic upcoming update!

Rahsaan said...

Good on you. I ate an entire Red Currant Cheesecake from Balthazar Bakery here in NYC last night! I'm not as in phenomenal shape as you. I'm 5'11" and about 187lbs. I'm probably around 8% BF and am a waist 30/31. So I don't feel bad about demolishing the cake at all. Ha!

I'm a regular intermittent faster usually only eating in the evenings and eating paleo/primal. Though after all I ate yesterday (went to Holiday party, as well), not sure that I'll even be hungry tonight!

Keep up the great site and awesome work! Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

"Christmassacre" just sounds wrong. It sounds like Jesus is killing a bunch of innocent people. :-(

Anonymous said...

Martin when do we get to see a mortal kombat photo sequence of your christmassacre 2010!?

Frosty said...

Hmmm... It's been five days.

Maybe the cheesecake won this time.

Anonymous said...

Pigging out over these 3 days meant a weight gain of 4.5kg. Being still able to fit into my jeans and not having to loosen the belt tells me it is sodium/water.

That being said, a cheesecake & goose tagteam? JPEGS please!

Anonymous said...

The glow is unmistakable, Martin has powered up to Super Sweden level 2 in order to ascend to the next level of cheesecake mastery.

Martin Berkhan said...

Pics coming...Promise.

Marcus said...

Hi Martin!

Do you have any link to a recepie for that cheesecake?


Sean said...

so for days where you dominate meals such as this (whole cheesecake following a large protein meal) do you fast up until this meal as per your recommendations on

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