Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leangains Meals Part Two

Time for some more Leangains certified meals from myself, clients and Leangains fans from all around the globe. Click the hyperlinked names after the headings if you want to see the person behind the meals.

Post-workout meal

XXXL roast beef platter with potatoes. This is a meal I've been eating a lot lately. I get the roast beef fresh from the deli since that pre-packaged stuff usually makes me bloated as hell (all pre-packaged and conserved meats are loaded with sodium). Plus fresh roast beef is juicier and tastes a lot better.

500 g roast beef
500 g potatoes fried with 200-300 mushrooms and half an onion.

I roll the roast beef slices up like wraps with the potato mix stuffed in between. Might dip it in some ajvar but I really enjoy the taste au naturale as well.

After that I usually go for one of my berry bowls.

Shown above is 1 kg strawberries with some vanilla protein milk, cacao and sweetener.

I might also go for some protein pudding.

60-90 g chocolate flavored milk protein isolate mixed with 1.5 dl water for each 30 g/1 dl powder. I enjoy this with some full-fat whipping cream. Might put this in the fridge for an hour - makes a decent substitute for ice cream.

Post-workout meal (Robert)

Robert likes oatmeal and pizza post-workout.

100 g oatmeal with 200 g chopped apple, milk, cinnamon and sweetener.

These are made from:

62 g tortilla bread
20 g tomato pure
65 g cheese (5% fat)
50 g ham
30 g shrimps
20 g mushrooms
40 g tomato
Fresh basil and oregano

Comes out to about 392 kcal, 44 g protein, 32 g carbs and 9 g fat per pizza. Pretty damn good macros for a pizza.

Post-workout meals and a rest day meal (David AKA Mr Shreds)

David enjoys chicken, broccoli and potatoes with extras.

And hamburgers with fries.

English breakfast on rest days.

Cheesecake mastery level 2 (Gary)

Gary celebrated the end of his cut with one hell of a cheesecake. This made me painfully aware that I need to sharpen my own cheesecake mastery skills to keep rivals like Gary at bay. I haven't had cheesecake for a good while now, unfortunately.

This beast weighed in at 2.7 kg.

God damn, that looks so good.

Rest day meal (Marjan)

This is what Marjan eats just before hitting the sack.

400 g beef with fried mushrooms
250 g cottage cheese
100-150 g blackberries

Post-workout and a rest day meal (Bob)

An evil insulin-spiking meal is what Bob likes to eat post-workout. No wonder he's fat.

400 g cereal
3 scoops whey protein mixed in blender

3 lbs of gyros meat is another one of Bob's favorites.

Cheeseburger mastery level 4 (Josh)

Josh is well known for his cheeseburger mastery and was kind enough to share some of his secrets with us.

"Start your session by sitting in an upright position and place both hand on the table. This will prepare your body and mind for the task at hand" says Josh.

"There is much debate about the optimal meal drink in cheeseburger mastery circles. The old guard tends to favor milk shakes but coke is quickly gaining popularity among the younger and more liberal masters. Unfortunately, I will not provide details about what I'm drinking here - I'm saving that for the book."

"It is crucial to employ a rest period of 15 seconds every 8th chewing. Beginners typically go at it too fast and risk burnout."


Ok, that's all for today. If you have you have a favorite meal you like to eat on your Leangains plan, you can send them over and I might include them in future food posts. Just make sure they follow the general guidelines for rest and training day meals, and ideally include some measurements the way I've done here. I'd appreciate your contribution.


Keith said...

Hey martin,
How many total calories do you consume on your off/rest days and on your training days?

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could share the recipe for the cheesecake? I really like your blog, keep up the good work :).

LayzieBone085 said...

Sent you 3 eating competitions + a few extras.
i have tons of pizza's, protein pancakes/waffle recipes, and a bunch of other desserts as well.

Martin how often do you do the Cheesecake while cutting/bulking and does the amount of time between each Massive cheat differ? Just curious if you still do refeeds even when you have that massive cheat.

mamaelvis said...

Jesus, I feel for the fat bastards who take these photos in the wrong way.

May god help us all.

Rory said...

why the fuck am I not making foods like these?!Burgers....mmmm

Anonymous said...

I need to man up and eat on training and non-training days. Damn it mate, that's a lot of food for ONE meal.

My problem is getting the appetite - ONE large meal and I am too stuffed to think about food for the rest of the day.

Nathan Sampson said...

Martin, love the roast beef and potatoes. Been eating roast beef or pastrami with potatoes or steak fries tons lately as well. You mentioned being "bloated as hell" with the non fresh deli type. If this were my only option(basically budget reasons - it adds up to buy fresh) am I looking at any adverse effects of sodium when breaking a fast with this post workout? Thanks, awesome post.

Wazzup said...

a pound of roast beef, but only HALF an onion .. wow.. talking about living on the wild side :)

Anonymous said...

Martin, would you mind sharing with us how you create your fruit and protein milk combination. Do you combine vanilla protein powder with milk (whole, skim?) and then pour the milk over the bowl of berries? If so how many scoops and what brand of protein powder do you use? Do you also do this when you combine with cottage cheese? Is this also a strictly post work out meal? Thank you

Lillian Davenport said...

Good lord, can you really DIGEST that much beef????

Josh B said...

@ Lillian

You most certainly can. Especially after a fast your body seems to soak it up pretty quickly. I felt like my stomach was going to burst after that burger but the next morning my stomach was flat again.

Jo said...

The pictures made me wanna burst into tears. As a female trying trying trying to lose weight, I am consuming maybe a fourth of that and working out an hour daily, and still seeing the scale stubbornly holding onto to those dreadful high numbers. Is it a muscle mass thing? An age thing (I'm 43)? I'm guessing old ladies aren't your demographic...still love your blog, though, Martin!

Clement said...

Hey Martin, I used to follow leangains but I'm thinking of switching to a more flexible dieting approach. I put a set point for caloric intake, eg. 1500kcal per day. If I accidentally overshoot it, I dial back the next day. If I hit my caloric quota for the day, I stop eating and "fast" till the next day. Meals are sort of like your leangains approach - slight overfeeding and high carb and protein on training days, moderate to large deficit on rest days with low carb, moderate fat and high protein. Post-workout meals are the largest, of course. I know that this isn't really IF per se, but I really like the sound of this as it gives me the freedom to have breakfast with my friends and family on slow days. I notice that you put up a post (the one about stubborn belly fat and the alpha and beta hormones) where you outlined the awesome benefits that IF brings. Would I be missing out significantly on these benefits?

I'd also like to mention that I typically go about 12h without food (from 7pm to 7am, which includes sleeping).

On a different note, I really like your posts about the leangains meals! I might put up a video of my post-workout tussle with Ben&Jerry's on YouTube and send you the link! Looking forward to your book and your advice.

Zack said...

@LayzieBone085 I would love to get my hands on that list, it sounds out of this world; any chance you could email it to me?

Martin thanks for another great article, it's always reassuring to see that healthy meals can be fun and delicious and not boring and monotonous. Well...... at least some of these meals

Karl W said...

Seems like some nices meals - keep it coming! IF is really the thing, skipping the breakfast was a huge fix for my diet - I have gained strength, been loosing weight and am feeling damn good.

I think Andreaz Engström is a great inspiration, his meals, especially the tuna burgers and pancakes tastes great - and the macros are just fine.

LayzieBone085 said...

Zack / Martin and others, here you go:

there is a lot in there, and pictures.

Anonymous said...

What about this study between skinless chicken and cancer?

Michael said...

I'm going to try and find a Deli that sells roast beef here in Finland. I wouldn't eat such amounts of pre-packaged stuff (hell, I wouldn't eat them period). I'm inspired to go find a deli that sells natural roast beef, if that's even possible. I don't care much for the stabilizers and nitrites. Cheers!

Clement said...

Hi Martin,

I realize you don't eat many salads here. Just a portion of vegetables and a serving of meat. Good stuff.

Steroids UK said...

this post reminded me how tasty looking high protein low carb foods can be, good inspiration for my forthcoming cut. Loved the man vs food element too.

Rob said...

Martin (or anyone else),
Is there any difference between getting your post-workout carbs from fruit or starches? Is one better than the other?

Anonymous said...

Have read most of the blog and must say I love it.
Currently I am trying the IF, and I am doing it a bit extreme 20-24 hours fast, work out 1 hour every day, one regular healthy meal at night. Want to see some quick, motivating results before I alter my diet.
I am stunned, how large the portions were shown. 1kg of roastbeef and potatoes, really? What was that with the supersize burger, I am all in for jokes, but I didn't get if this really meant to be a meal after IF and reaching single digit body fat??? I can\'t see that happening with 5000 calorie meals. Maybe someone can shed some light on this.

Josh B said...


Speaking solely for myself (the supersize burger guy) that meal was after a workout and also after a 20 hour fast. The burger worked out somewhere around 2500 calories, nowhere near 5000. It also was my only meal for that day besides like 2 peanut butter cups. Keep in mind also that the really large meals are not an everyday thing, at least not for those that are trying to lose fat. I believe Martin is showing that it's ok to indulge and really enjoy large meals even when dieting, as long as it's controlled and done the smart way. I might also add that after days when I have a super huge meal(s) or just take in a lot of calories, I will cut back the next day or two to get myself back on track. After I get to my desired level of body fat however, I can eat more and probably will be allowed to have one semi-massive meal after each workout since I won't have to eating at a deficit anymore. Hope this helps clear up some confusion. Reading more of Martin's posts will help as well.

cubby said...

I've found a new cheesecake challenge for you, Martin.

Martin Berkhan said...


"Martin how often do you do the Cheesecake while cutting/bulking and does the amount of time between each Massive cheat differ?"

Whenever it's available, no matter what the hell I'm doing.


" I looking at any adverse effects of sodium when breaking a fast with this post workout?"

None except bloat.

Martin Berkhan said...


"Do you combine vanilla protein powder with milk (whole, skim?) and then pour the milk over the bowl of berries?"

Water and vanilla casein powder in a 4-5:1 ratio (i.e 4-5 dl water for every 30 g/1 dl powder). How well this turns out depends on the brand, you might have to use less water unless it becomes too diluted.

Martin Berkhan said...


"Martin (or anyone else),
Is there any difference between getting your post-workout carbs from fruit or starches? Is one better than the other?"

Starches/glucose are ideal for refilling muscle glycogen. The fructose in fruit goes to liver glycogen.

However, recent studies suggest a combination of glucose and fructose is better than glucose alone, so I wouldn't worry too much about keeping the pwo carbs strictly glucose. I regularly eat fruit pwo and so does my clients.

Martin Berkhan said...



Interesting. I might try that someday. Or not.

LayzieBone085 said...

Whenever it's available, no matter what the hell I'm doing.

-- You slacking, tell your family to start cooking!

justy said...


The protein pudding. What brand of protein did you use? I tried several different and it came out... well not tasty.

Anonymous said...

I love how these meals look.

You should try peanut butter soup with smoked duck and mashed squash, New York Matinee called it a playful but mysterious little dish.

Swordfish meatloaf is a close second.

LayzieBone085 said...

Water and vanilla casein powder in a 4-5:1 ratio (i.e 4-5 dl water for every 30 g/1 dl powder). How well this turns out depends on the brand, you might have to use less water unless it becomes too diluted.

So this would be 1 cup of water (4dl) to 1 scoop of Casein (30g)

Sorry American here.

Fredrik Gyllensten said...

GREAT post Martin, I really like your blog.
You + Alan Aragon are my top resources for nutrition information :-)

mrJingles said...

hello martin, i'm a bit confuse about the carbs intake. I've read that you suggest a cyclical pattern: carbs low on rest days (high fat), carbs higher on training days (low fat).

Obviously "high" and "low" are very relative terms:

I'm a 33years old guy, with a 9% bf and 172lbs, 5'9''.

Do you think that i can consider low a quote about 100gr/cho a day (1,5x kg bodyweight) and high a 200gr/cho day 2,5x kg bodyweight)?

Second question: is ok if i choose fibrous veggies/oatmeal as a source for the high-carb days?

Thanks indeed!

Martin Berkhan said...


Protein pudding special coming soon. So you might wanna check that out.


1 dl powder

4-5 dl water

In other words, yes.


Thanks that's nice.

Martin Berkhan said...

mr Jingles,

1. Sure

2. Yes

mrJingles said...

Thanks a lot for your reply Martin, so precious!

Sorry if i bother you with other questions, just want to understand if i'm the right track:

1) protein intake: do you suggest an higher quote than 2gr/kg? i've read you reach the 3g/kg.

2) fat intake: on the rest days (higher intake) i eat almost 90gr of "good" fat from different sources to reach my daily cal quote. It sounds a bit higher, what do you think?

Thanks again!!

Martin Berkhan said...

1. Yes

2. Depends

Anonymous said...

How do you put together your portions? Is there an easier way than with a scale and calculator before every meal? I eat a lot of "Traditional Food" from the WAPF and I have noticed it is really difficult putting together portions with these foods.

Anonymous said...

Awesome meals! Would like to see some female meals...

Love your blog!

mrJingles said...

hello martin i'm wondering about the food combination, such as protein-protein combination. There are some studies that enlight the fact that with the combo of different solid-source of protein (as cottage cheese and meat) the digestion will be screwed up.

I've found this:

Sorry but i have no ability to evaluate studies as this, so, please tell me/us what's your thought.

Many thanks!!


mrJingles said...

ops,not sure that my last commet gone right,so here me are again :) my queston is about food is about protein's sources combinations: i've read many articles that advice against this (i.e.: I see you and many clients love to eat cottage cheese after a meat/fish based meal (i love this way too!) so i'm wondering if the casein-source food should be outdistanced from other meals.

Many thanks,


Martin Berkhan said...


That's just a bunch of horseshit. Eat your food. Don't overthink it.

mrJingles said...

thanks Martin, i'll trust in your words :-)

Kambiz Pashneh-Tala Yazdi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

How do you avoid bankruptcy with meals like those?

I mean a pound of roast beef,
8 sandwiches. Most salaries are low enough that one can't afford spending like 500$ every month on food.

I didn't know we needed to eat so much

Martin Berkhan said...


"How do you avoid bankruptcy with meals like those?"

I work.

"Most salaries are low enough that one can't afford spending like 500$ every month on food."

Well, I can & don't mind spending money on good food.

Calvin said...

How creative do you guys get for your rest day meals?

I like to do eggs/bacon/sausage with fruit, baked chicken thighs and veggies or lettuce wrapped burgers.

All Hunked out said...

Martin, great site, great passion and generosity for all this free information. You're a good bloke, and I'll be buying your book.

One question,

I take it on rest days a person "doing leangains" will still fast as usual for 16 hours. After this 16 hour point is there any need for 10g BCAA (as there is no workout). Should one just break their fast with a big meal as usual?

Thanks in advance

Joseph said...

Although you don't post the recipe for the cheesecake im curious if the sources of carbs/fat content is taken into consideration? IE is it made to be mainly glucose with low fat or is this just purely for taste with no consideration to the sources of calories?

Anonymous said...

LayzieBone085 - If you're out there somewhere.. that website link no longer works. Would love to see your recipes and photos. Please email great1 at gmail dot com

brandon said...

Hey martin, I was wonder if it is okay to have a treat like a poptart or two and simply lower another carb source? I saw one of your clients eat 3 bowls of cereal post workout and is that recommended if your trying to lose some fat? Would you recommend me cutting out junk food completely if trying to get to around 9% bf?

za-zi said...

RE: the brontosaurus burger - nut i thought it was a commonly known rule to never eat anything as big as one's own head... ;-)

lvannata92 said...

Does Bob eat the cereal as 3 separate meals, or all at once?

Anonymous said...

I Made the Roast Beef with Mushroom, Potato's, and Onion last night.

Holy shit that was good! One of my new favorite dishes!

ScoDal said...

"Most salaries are low enough that one can't afford spending like 500$ every month on food."

I think if that were written in question form, he'd be trying to ask: What are some good recommended (cheap) foods for people on a lower budget? Or should we just not worry about it so much and let the intermittent fasting do the magic?

Lee said...

300 grams chicken
200ml coconut milk
handful spinach
2 passion fruit

blend in the vitamix
and drink

1000 calories,96g protein,40g fat
20 g carbs

Lee said...

convenience protein shake

300 g chicken
200 ml coconut milk
handful spinach
2 passion fruit

Blend in the vitamix
and drink

makes a litre,i split for 2 drinks

1000 cal
96g protein
40g fat
15g carbs

Anonymous said...

Martin, you may have commented on the following question elsewhere, but I can't find it: How are you not storing fat eating those huge meals? In other words, if the body is presented with more calories than it can use at any one time, it will have no choice but to store the excess as fat. So either, 1) due to glycogen depletion and working out, the body CAN use all those calories; or 2) due to the high protein content of the meals, the digestion process is so slowed that the body actually is NOT flooded with calories; or 3) you actually do put on a little bit of fat but it is mobilized again later during the fast (although that seems inefficient unless the extra anabolic effects are worth it). Or a combination of any of the 3, of course. I'm sure you're busy, so any elucidation is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

hi martin, just wondering if i had cod liver oil beetroot tablets multivitamin before work during the fastin period would that affect it?

Anonymous said...

Hey martin, I was wondering how many rest day's i should take?Im at about 9% bodyfat trying to get to 5-6% And i love lifting and going to the gym.So most of my days are high carb low fat moderate protein with a caloric deficit. So My ONE rest day is also in a caloric deficit with high fats and low carbs. Is this ok?

Anonymous said...

Hey Martin,

Awesome pics. 500g of fried potatoes thats 1500kcal on its own. How many calories do you consume on workout days as that seems huge!

Cheers matey!

Goodleitz said...

I don't understand...

Am I allowed to eat this much?

~Kim (woman)

Rlph said...

Hey Martin,

Great post, but i train early in the morning and break my fast around noone at the office, do you have any tips for some meals/food that's easy to bring to work? Thanks a lot.

kylie said...

He Martin, i'm trying out leangains as a vegetarian with little to no use of eggs. my macros are obviously a little different then what you may recommend but any suggestion for those of us who can't eat 3lbs of meat?

kylie said...

Hey Martin, I'm a female vegetarian (little to no egg use and mostly no dairy as well) looking to try leangains. since I can't sit down to 3lbs of meat, any suggestions for some fatty meals??

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