Saturday, July 17, 2010

Comments gone, here's why

I just switched from blogspot to a custom domain. For some reason all comments made before the switch are gone and the tweet button is reset to zero on all posts. This sucks, but I'm hoping it'll be back to normal in 24-48 hrs (Will it? Let me know if you have any experience with this).

P.S. New article later today.

P.P.S. Fortunately, all comments are now back again.


MilkmaN said...

Du måste nog importera även de när du flyttar bloggen, om du nu gjort det?

Martin Berkhan said...

For some reason I can't import the old template. I'm getting "There were problems importing the file."

Rob Shaw said...

Hey look it's a comment..
Looking forward to the post later.

Anonymous said...

Contact Blogger support and I'm sure they will fix it for you.

Smart advice I know.

Anonymous said...

Try clearing your cookies in your browser or even better, try it on another pc. And yes, you can delete my comments if you wish.

Shamir said...

aaahhh man. Today was the day I was going to read through the comments for more clarity on the Lean Gains Guide post. Anyway, if you need some help with this, I know someone who walks all over this kinda' stuff and is cheap too. Send me a PM on facebook, I'll put you in touch straight away. - Shamir Rele

cubby said...

Alas, all the wisdom in the "Low Carb Talibans" replies is lost!

Anonymous said...

Martin, if I understand this correctly, you've chosen to host files on your own domain but still use blogger platform correct?

Maybe, when doing it, you didn't check the comments to be transfered too?

I'd say, try reversing it back and then do it again, this time, include comments... if that's not an option, just do it again, without going back first, hope that makes sense?

Anonymous said...

The commends will come back automatically. Give it some time, seen it before.

Can't wait for the new article!

John said...

I have a question which I hope you could answer if you find the time.

Just wondering if you have any good idea on how to mask the taste of natural BCAA powder? I chunk it down with water and I almost get sick every single time.

I have been considering pills but they are almost twice as expensive and not worth it imo.

Anonymous said...

Re: choking down BCAA power - I mix in some lemonade crystal light. Tastes just fine.

Pat said...


Yes, plain BCAA's can be quite nasty. I've tried mixing Crystal Light with them and it helps. Also, mixed in bulk BCAA's with a premium BCAA supplement like Purple Wrath and it is also good at masking the flavor.

I assume you're choosing plain BCAA's because they're cheaper - you might want to look into Annabolic Innovations Recoverpro. Nutraplanet has it for $39.99 for 147 servings (6 g BCAA/serving) which is pretty comparable to the bulk powders and it tastes much better. It still has some of the BCAA bitterness but it is significantly more tolerable than straight BCAA.

Anonymous said...

To John:

Try mixing with lots of water.

Ahmed Serag said...


Unless you want to mess with an artificial sweetener or stevia, try using less water.

The more water you have the more you have to endure that taste, but if you go with less water, you can get it all down in one swoop.

LayzieBone085 said...

If you want a good BCAA supplement, look into Scivation Xtend. It won recovery product of the year, and is pretty damn popular. Tastes great and is cheaper than crystal light + Bulk BCAA's per serving. You can find it for 36$ for 90 servings. Check Top Supplements Online. Quality site with good shipping (US)

Anonymous said...


I am getting to close to 8% body fat (currently at 10%) I do not currently take any supplements besides calcium, vitamin d, fish oil and apple cider vinegar.

I am trying to get down to 7-8% body fat for my honeymoon. Do you think adding creatine, l-arginine (Nitric Oxide), and 10g of BCAA (pre-workout as you recommend) will make a noticeable visual impact? Meaning would you spend the extra $70 (US dollars) and start supplementing a couple weeks out before the actual event (honeymoon)? Any help, thoughts you have on this would be appreciated


Martin Berkhan said...


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