Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Secrets of Intermittent fasting

New interview at Wannabebig. Why You Should Be Skipping Breakfast: The Secrets of Intermittent Fasting.

Would appreciate readers dropping by and their sharing experiences with my method in the discussion thread dedicated to the article.

See other interviews here.


Anonymous said...

link is not working bud.

Martin Berkhan said...

You sure? All links are working just fine on my end.

Mike K said...

Links work for me...I'll be defending IF over there if it's needed.

Anonymous said...

yes, they are working

LayzieBone085 said...

Another great article Martin, I sent you an e-mail with updated pictures. Just wait till everything is all said and done. I should be able to help put a nail in the coffin with what IF is just capable of given time and dedication :)

Anonymous said...

Martin whats your take on this setup even though it might not be completely IF

10g pre training
train fasted
ingest 45g protein, 100g carbs
continue eating normally tapering carbs down without having any carbs as the last meal of the day.


Tim B. said...

And now your picture is plastered all over Wannabebig until they write the next article! Hahaha.

Raidho said...

Great article. Martin, you rock.
//Johannes (former client)

Anonymous said...

hi Martin

do you have any guideline to set a minum daily calories in order to build muscle(or any formula)


Martin Berkhan said...


" I should be able to help put a nail in the coffin with what IF is just capable of given time and dedication :)"

Based on your latest pics I don't doubt that.


Thanks man.


Yeah sure but that stuff is highly dependent on the individual in question (stats, training experience, activity etc).

Ryan said...


I am new to the site and wondering if this is a regular practice for you? (Daily,weekly?) Or something you do intermittently --> see what I did there.

How many grams of protein do you aim for daily?

Martin Berkhan said...


charles said...

Hey Martin, really interesting stuff.

Hopefully not beating a horse to death - when you say "daily" do you mean 365 days a year? :)

I just can imagine that at times this can be inconvenient, e.g. meeting people for breakfast... a very late night out. Do you make a point of telling others you are not eating outside of your 8 hour window in such cases? Or do you rather shift the 16 hour window accordingly?

For the most part during the work week I can imagine doing this daily - for weekends and holidays I imagine less so.

Thanks for this great IF resource.

Anonymous said...

What do you know about using a bcaa sup like purple wraath, while being a breastfeeding mother? I do crossfit, eat paleo, and just started IF. Your thoughts? I always train fasted.

Anonymous said...

On those days Martin where you "pig-out" do you bother counting calories? So if you eat a whole cheesecake do you think….”that was 2,000 calories so I can only eat another 300 calories for the whole day…” Or do you not worry about this on days like this? I would guess that the odd day eating like this is not a problem at all and may be beneficial for the body (particularly for those that have trouble eating enough) and mind. I note after eating like a pig on Christmas day my weight is about the same. That is different to if I eat like a pig at Christmas, boxing day…and spend a few days at my mother’s house eating left overs. That’s when I see weight gain.

Martin Berkhan said...


I obviously compromise when the situation calls for it.

The day I start doing this:

"Do you make a point of telling others you are not eating outside of your 8 hour window in such cases? "

Is the day I eat a bullet.

Martin Berkhan said...


Don't see any issues with BCAA in that context, no.


No, I don't count calories on such occasions.

Anonymous said...

instead of fasting all morning... why not just stop eating after 6pm eat next meal when you wake up 8-9am....

would give same effect?

Martin Berkhan said...

Read the guide and you'll understand.

Anonymous said...

I've been doing IF for a whopping 4 days now. However, I can tell already that it's really the answer for me. I'm 274 but in pretty good shape. I've been having a darn time losing some weight because I like to eat at night and have a few adult beverages. I workout over lunch and have a post workout protein shake that amounts to about 1.5 liters of frozen strawberries/banana/milk/water. I have maybe a 250 calorie sandwich with that. When I get home at night I've still got about 1600 calories I can eat. I have a salad and whatever the kids/wife are having and I still find that I have 800-1000 calories for 7-9 PM where it used to be all extra calories above my maintenance. At this point I'm doing it simply for calorie reduction but it is really amazing how much energy I have because I never feel "stuffed" any more. Hell, I ate a bag of Doritos and have had pizza and don't monitor anything but guesstimate daily calories over the last 4 days and I'm down 1.5 pounds to 272.5. I haven't seen 260's in 5 years but I know just based on how my stomach feels that I'm going to hit that easily. I actually eat pretty clean but wanted to test it out by eating crap I really enjoy after my dinner meal. I may clean up the food and increase protein later on but I don't want it to start feeling like a "diet" or I won't stick to it. Certainly if I go a week without a loss I will clean it up a bit. I was worried about the metabolism thing but once you do it, it's clearly irrelevant--what junk science we've been following for years. Greatest-Thing-Ever a HUGE Thanks!

Koby said...

First of all I have to say that this is some profound stuff.

2 questions: The first being that one of your clients had eaten more than 100g of protein in one sitting . . . doesn't the body have a limit on how much protein it can digest in one sitting (something like 40 to 50 grams)?

The second question is how would you gear this IF plan to someone who is working out later in the day, perhaps 730PM or 800PM at night?

Look forward to any responses, thanks!

Primalbod said...

Can I take Yohimbine then go back to sleep?

7am take yohimbine, sleep
wake up at 9am take yohimbine?
Start my day/walk or will the yohimbine wire me up, making it not possible to get those last 2 hours of rest? Thanks in advance for your time

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