Monday, April 12, 2010

Brand New Everything

This is my 100th post and I thought it would be fitting to switch it up a little with regards to the blog template.

While I liked the old dark layout, I also received complaints about the text being hard to read and the blog being less than ideal in terms of user friendliness.

I listened to your feedback and hopefully this new style is an improvement over the old. Let me know what you think.

Keep in mind that some sections aren't yet complete (FAQ, Bio etc).


mattpiper said...

Looks great. Much easier to read.

MJR said...

This is much better. Great info either way, but better aesthetics/easier to read.

Tan Yew Wei said...

Agreed that it's easier to read.

Just some general comments. I thought that the mouseover effect was a little annoying because it was bold under hover.

This was distracting because hovering the mouse icon over linked-text pushed around the text surrounding the links.

I also thought that your FAQ and Consulting pages deserved to be in the header and not the footer.

Finally, perhaps you could do away with the Back to Top Button and link it to the image instead? If not, probably something a little more intuitive like "Home".

Andrew R. said...

Definitely much easier to read.

Anonymous said...

A big improvement overall.

Pikku said...

Agreed with tan's comments about the home button, FAQ and consulting.

Overall its looking good. I personally preferred the black background but this layout is much more user friendly. Especially liking the categories dropdown menu.

Martin Berkhan said...

Great, thanks guys. Especially Tan - good points there.

Keep the feedback and suggestions for improvements coming. I'm off to get a little sleep now, but I'll be working on this tomorrow.

David Hanley said...

I actually liked the black background, but i also like the new, wider layout better. It gets more info on a page.

Wilmar said...

nice new look martin. but being honest, i just feed your site to my google reader haha.

Anton Kinnander said...

Looks much better. Really like the new layout.

Tom said...

Didn't mind the black background but this is better. Really cool new design.

Yavor said...

Def an improvement man - happy 100th! Glad you used your design prowess for something other than cheesecake kombat comic strips lol!


Tomas B said...

I liked the old black version but this is also very nice!

One small thing though, in the comments section (on the blog, not where u enter comments) it is a little hard to separate comments from each other. Maybe some separator between comments or some more space.

GeCCo said...

I like it! Much better! Keep up the good work!

nondual said...

Black on White is harder on the eyes altogether...but I like the general idea.

Adam said...

MUCH easier to read via iPhone!

Anonymous said...

I like it. The dark background was cool, but the white background is way easier to read and looks more professional.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Now I don't feel like I'm reading an obituary every time I visit the site :)

Anonymous said...

Like the new design. Much easier to read.

Anonymous said...

Really more professional-looking. Awesome. Did you do it all yourself?

Will the book have some in-depth information about massgaining with IF, and not only fatloss and stuff?

Keep it up.

Elfling said...

TONS better. Like it a lot.

Blue said...

I've got to admit, it's one of the nicest looking blogs out there now.
If you really want to distinguish yourself, add video clips, the more people can see you (as a person) the more legit you become. I mean in a 3 dimensional way, more believable.

mamaelvis said...

Old one looked good. Black !!!!

I don't care though. Clarence Bass has a ugly as hell website/blog.

But the man made certain the quality of information is all there, just like THIS ONE.

Shiny graphics, flames & perfect rollovers to me are a classic symbol of a vapid easily distracted pop culture.

No offense Martin, because I would read your blog even if I had to walk 5 miles to the library to get net access.

Quality info shouldnt need to be polished by knick knacks & seems to me to be a time waster better utilized enjoying friends,wine & song.

People who really want to find & benefit from great info will find it & not discount you for not wasting time on difficult site mechanics.

Anyway, I think it is fantastic the site either way.

Rie Aleksandra said...

Hi Martin and congrats on your 100th post. I've followed your blog for some time now but never posted a comment before. This seemed like a good occation. ;)

I want to thank you for the information you provide and the updates we get. I forced myself to eat breakfast and several small meals a day earlier, since that's what "everybody" said. IF is not a diet - it's just a way of life that suits me perfectly. :) Keep up the good work!

Frank Dobner said...

Hey Martin,

I like the new layout. Pretty striking.

Martin Berkhan said...

Thanks for all the feedback so far. I'm pleased to hear that the new layout is well received.


You have a point, but I'm hoping that the improved user friendliness will make the information here more accessible and easier on the eyes.

martin said...

I stil don't like it... much better than before but it's stil a bit plain.
Regards, Martin

Anonymous said...

Great progress pics on Twitter. How come you don't post any relaxed pictures?

Anonymous said...

P.s. I preferred the black background. Anyway of having a button that let's the user switch between?

Aquaman said...

Great job Martin! Plain, simple and clean cut, just like the lifestyle you promote. I hate those blogs that are full of ads, banners and all that crap.
Looks great on the iPhone too!

Moritz said...

just from personal taste, i liked the old design better.

however, the new design definitly gives a more professional appearence. i would change the design of the twitter window on the right to match the overall design of the site. right now, it draws some attention from the more important main site, because it's background is in the same colour as the letters on the main page.

cheers and congratulations on the 100th post, keep em coming

Martin Berkhan said...

Guess you can't please everybody...


'How come you don't post any relaxed pictures?'

Nah, I'll just look skinny-fat and weak and we can't have that;)


'i would change the design of the twitter window on the right to match the overall design of the site'

Thanks, I'll look into that.

Anonymous said...

much better now, i don't care about flashy design but i do care about my eyes :). much easier to read after the update.

fitto said...

New layout is much more user friendly Martin.

Haha, I don't think many people would say those pics are below a lean 'standard' by any means!

It would be intersting so see what you look like in a relaxed pose though.

Jeez, the bro's at the gym must ask you a tonne of questions on regarding your biceps....then not believe you when you tell them your routine hey.

H. said...

Finally! :D

Anonymous said...

Along the lines of the "relaxed post" comment, dont take this weird, but howcome you dont have any below the belly button pics (abdominal/leg development).

Martin Berkhan said...

Fair point. I'll take some next time.

Joe said...

We all know the instant Martin stops flexing he turns into the stay puft marshmallow man, fattie.

I enjoyed the not so glaring previous black style but the expanded side is neat. Either way, it's a good layout. The artwork has always added professionalism to the site, def keep that. It's like a brand name =)

Anonymous said...

I liked the old one better, a computer isn't supposed to mimic a piece of paper. It's much easier on the eyes to read white text on a black background (less radiation as well).

Anonymous said...

I think the new one is much better. Pro design and easier to navigate and read.

Fredrik Gyllensten said...

I like it! Much easier on the eyes :)

valy66 said...

Yes it's way better now.
At some point I stopped reading your blog because it was hard to read.

Now I'm on the right track again :).

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