Monday, December 28, 2009

Cheesecake Mastery

Everyone knows Christmas is a great time for cheesecake. And I'm a cheesecake master.

Master at eating it, that is. Do not click pic if prone to cravings.


Dor said...


Morwen said...

Now you got my cravings started.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

lol nice

Geoff said...


You're cracking me up, my mom left a huge homemade pumpkin cheesecake in my frig at Christmas, and it calls my name on an hourly basis!

Nelli said...

HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Du är inte klok! Men gott ser det ut iallfall :) Go Jul och Gott nytt på dig!!

Lean blogging said...

we love your blog postings, so well add your rss or news feed for them, Thanks and please post us and leave a comment back and well link to you. Thanks Jen Lean blogging.

Sarah said...

Love the pics! That's one heck of a cake :)

Anonymous said...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Body Double

JC said...

HELL YES. Did you finish the entire thing?

Alex said...

how can you call yourself a master if you left over half of it uneaten? You're not in the big leagues yet, son.

Martin Berkhan said...

Regrettably, I had to leave some for the others but I finished at least 3/4 myself.

Believe me I can easily do a full I've proven on many occasions. The japanese write haiku poems about my cheesecake mastery and Chuck Norris lost a battle to me in a cheesecake eating competition.

vmax said...

That's some massive eating! :)
Any guess about calorie content? Did you go surplus or did you fit it into your caloric budget that day?(long fasting prior or something?)

Happy new year


Martin Berkhan said...

Caloric budget? Don't give a damn about that on Christmas. Massive surplus. Follow that up with a few days of my holiday quick-fix diet and I'm right back where I started. It's no big deal.

James said...

Word. I'd rather put a bullet in my head before resorting to calorie counting on Xmas. Got to enjoy yourself and relax from time to time.

Great blog btw.

Jon Fernandes said...

that is just bananas dude. you are the man.

Manveet said...


Anonymous said...

What's the quick fix diet?

Eric said...

Quick-fix sounds like a few more hours of fasting, ha ha.

I'm making a note to challenge you in a cheese-off before I die.

Martin Berkhan said...

I'd beat your ass, Eric. I love all things cheese. Cottage cheese, cheesecake, cheese whiz, plain cheese, I eat it all. I'm a cheese-fiend.

I even tried fat-loading mostly with cheese back when I experiemented with that. I'd take 1.5-2 lbs full fat cheese or mascarpone and eat that with some ground beef. Split in a few sittings. Jar of peanut butter on the side. Good times.

Ray said...

cool pic

i've been fat loading for the past two weeks. come to think of it it's more like fat and carb loading together lol. not a great concept...

mrJingles said...

hello martin, counting out special events (xmas,birthday,etc) do u have a cheat meal during the week?
I have started with leangains since a week and i love it, but i like to to have my dinner free on sunday.. For "frer" i mean 1 or 2 italian pizza and 500gr of ice cream, sometimes a whole cake. On monday i'm bloated as hell but so much satisfied :)))

Tipically the "day after" i have a fasted (heavy) workout and i cut off some calories from the usual intake.

Do u "bless" this approach during the leangains? Consider i'm 78kg at 9% of bf, aiming to have an intelligent recomp innthe next month ;)

Thanks very very much,


Anonymous said...

Dude... we really need the recipe :(

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