Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Four Horsemen

In a recent podcast, Lyle announced a collaborative book project with me, Alan Aragon and Borge Fagerli.

This book will precede the book I'm working with, but will include a little something on intermittent fasting and bodyrecomposition by yours truly.

For those not familiar with Alan Aragon, he's a nutritional consultant, contributing editor to Men's Health magazine and also maintains the excellent Research Review. I highly encourage anyone with an interest in this field to subscribe to RR, and I do so myself.

Borge Fagerli is a personal trainer and the founder of MyRevolution, a norwegian company which provides their own line of supplements and online based training. An alround smart guy, and creator of "Myo-Reps", a rest-pause style of weight training (google it, there are thorough explanations/guides available).

I'm excited about this project, and it shouldn't be too long before it's out. At least not compared to the book I've been "working on" for two years or so. In reality, I spend more time thinking about writing than doing any actual writing. I've been getting some momentum recently, so I think my book will follow shortly after the collabo. But don't ask me for a specific date.


I also urge you to check out the podcast with Lyle, as he brings a lot of good stuff to the table, and even touches on some topics pertaining to the intermittent fasting style of feeding. It's quite long, but it'll be well worth your time.


* HIIT and overtraining.

* Cortisol and water retention: why some people "can't lose weight" on 1200 calories and 2 hrs of cardio every day.

* Protein: requirements, digestion and other issues.

Check out my reviews of Lyle's books if you haven't already.


Pikku said...

Thats fkn awesome, a book from the top four in the industry imo

will definately be buying that when it comes out

Anonymous said...

WELL GODDAMN!! Cant wait for this to be out. Pikku, you're right on the money. Martin, Lyle and Alan = three most sensible and honest guys in the business.

Chris Delmonte said...

This is great news, Martin. Really looking forward to it.


Morten Pedersen said...

This looks to be an awesome book, the only concern I have is that you 4 might have some trouble working together... In terms of what actually ends up on print on different topics.

Or are you simply assigning different themes to different authors?

Anyway, really looking forward to it!

Wilmar said...

Sounds great!

john said...

i cant understand what book lyle recommends when it comes to cortisol production...pls help me

ATZ said...

Can't wait for this! Will definately be buying.

Martin Berkhan said...

Good to hear your enthusiasm, folks. It will be a worthy read, I'm sure.


the book is "Why zebras don't get ulcers" by Robert Sapolsky. And I'll second Lyle's recommendation, it's a great book.

Amar said...

FYI, Dan Moore (of Max-Stimulation fame) is working on a book on fasting - I thought you might be interested in collaborating:

Chapter 1. History of Fasting
a.The primordial ooze
b.Paleo Man
c.The Dark Ages
d.Where’s the Beef
e.You say Potato I say Patato

Chapter 2. Types of Fast
a.Simply Starving
b.The Morphologically Obsessed
b.The religious zealot
c.On strike
d.In a vain attempt at vanity

Chapter 3. Effects of Fasting

Chapter 4. Benefits of Fasting
a.Weight Loss
b.Fat Mass
c.Partitioning Ratios

5. Detriments of Fasting
a.Weight Loss
b.Lean Mass
c.Partitioning Ratios
d.Hormonal Changes

Chapter 6. Sustainability
a.How long is too long
b.Controlling hunger
c.Cyclic Fasting
d.Intermittent Fasting

Chapter 7. Exercise, the Impact on Fasting
a.Running on Empty
b.Lifting for the Masses
c.Work is Work

Chapter 8. Breaking the Fast
d.Avoiding the Bounce

Chapter 9. Designing the Plan
a.Identify the goal
b.Macros/Micros and other essentials
c.How often can you eat
d.How often should you eat
e.Tools of the trade

Chapter 10. Sample fasting Plans
a.For the wedding
b.For the Beach
c.For Maintaining your girlish figure

Flexibility of Intermittent Fasting

Martin Berkhan said...

Yeah, I know. We had a brief exchange years ago. That quote is over two years old. I haven't heard anything about his book since then.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Martin

Just had a look to a diet approach of one of the guys you're working with, Borge Fagerli, it's called the Advanced Concept Diet and talks about sustaining the longer protein synthesis possible by not eating carbs until 18-24h after workouts. So I would have only some pre-workout carbs (20-40g fructose due to liver glycogen repletion) and whey to stimulate that synthesis.
But I'm trying to mix it with the Leangains approach yet because of the 'protein response refraction phenomenum'and because my compulsive eating mood needs some control, so fasting should improve my protein response but, ¿Would I lose muscle during the fasting period because of the complete deplenation of both muscle and liver glycogen or not?

Thanks for the response if given

PD: My english sucks, i don't even know if I said everything right.

Martin Berkhan said...

This is exactly why we ditched the project. People trying to mix the approaches and ending up screwing themselves over. I suggest you do whatever it is Borge suggest you do in that article. Or ask on his forum.

Anonymous said...

Sure, I'm mixing Leangains, Advanced concept, and some PSMF only on weekends to make my cuts as rapid and with the less muscle loss (or even gains) possible, and I really don't know if I'm doing well or not (haven't lost any strenght yet), so it would be great that the book could fix all these approach-mixing questions to let people adjust their diet to their life (not their life to their diet) in a better way.

Thanks for the response

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