Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Leangains Approach pdf

Caleb Lee asked me to write an article for his new product and I thought it was a good opportunity for me to get the message out.

Product page is here

This product is primarily aimed at the beginner and consists of two e-books, interviews (mp3 + transcript in pdf) with seven trainers and a 14 page pdf file called "The Leangains Approach".

It's basically me talking about the approach, dispelling some myths surrounding meal frequency, fasting and your metabolism, and protein absorption. Also included in the article is a sample beginner plan and a list of references pertaining to the topics discussed.


Czobit said...

That's awesome to see, Martin. Any update on your book?

BTW, since adopting your IF approach, I've dropped 5 lbs of fat and added 2 lbs of lean mass. That's after less than three weeks.

Also, last Saturday I hit a PR on my back squat, which is nice to see considering I'm training to drop fat.

Martin Berkhan said...

That's very impressive, Czobit - actually oustanding considering the time frame. I'm glad it's working for you.

I'm hoping to have the book out within the first quarter of 2009(before April).

Czobit said...

Cool, Martin. I'm looking forward to reading it.

I'm definitely happy with the results so far. I had a solid diet before I started IF, but I found the constant small meals lead to bouts of overeating - something that hasn't happened with your approach. I'm going to suggest IF to my brother who also wants to get into better shape.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Im so glad i found this site. This was worth buying just to read all that stuff you wrote... i had no clue 6 meals a day plans were just bogus sceince:p! Thanx man!


Anonymous said...

So, how in depth is your portion of the book? Is it just diet or does it also detail your training methods?

Anonymous said...

hey. how much activity do you allow or can one get away with during the fast before LBM loss? Do you have clients that bike to work or snowboard or do other things more intense than walking?

Anonymous said...


What do you make of this seemingly negative study on the effects of IF?


Martin Berkhan said...

Answers to the three latest comments:

1. It's a pdf outlining the diet and the research behind it, primarily aimed at an audience that I suppose would be unaware of intermittent fasting and how to make it work for you. Since you have six other trainers telling you to eat six times a day, I thought it might do some good to provide an alternative. The article comes with a simple beginner plan, but nothing very specific on training (except the advice that I would normally give to beginners).

2. Depends, but what you mentioned shouldn't be much of problem at all.

3. First of all, they compared 1 meal a day (24 h fasting) to 3 meals a day. I recommend 3 meals a day with a 16 hr fast.

Besides that, the results are interesting.

Note this part for example

"...physiological variables measured, including heart rate, body temperature and blood chemicals, were unaffected by meal frequency; however, when on 1 meal/d, subjects exhibited: a significant reduction of fat mass.."

The subjects on the 1 meal a day plan lost fat mass, despite eating the same amount of calories as the 3 meal a day plan.

Then there's this part

"Fasting (morning) plasma glucose levels were significantly elevated in subjects when they were consuming 1 meal/d compared to 3 meals/d. The latter difference in fasting glucose levels could be explained, in part, by continuing absorption of the greater amount of
food consumed in the evening in the subjects on the 1 meal/d diet"

But then there's

"The cause of the impaired morning glucose tolerance in subjects consuming 1 meal/d compared
to 3 meals/d is unclear"

Which is confusing, but might be explained by

"...when on the 1 meal/d diet the subjects had consumed a much greater amount of food in proximity to the OGTT compared to subjects on 3 meals/d, which could have influenced morning insulin sensitivity."

So, it appears that also the timing of the OGTT is of importance here and testing the 1 meal a day group at a later time of the day (longer into the fast) might have provided a different result.

Anonymous said...

Account at the linked page 'has been suspended' ... is this program available anywhere else?

Martin Berkhan said...

That's odd. I've e-mailed Caleb about this. I'll let you know what he says.

Gavin said...

Does this pdf have value for those of us who have read pretty much everything on your blog/ followed your forums threads?

Anonymous said...

This is one of the scammiest looking websites I've seen, yet. It doesn't help credibility for those who don't read your site. Certainly you could market it better.

David F said...

That "product link" goes to a sales page with some malware in it.

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