Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meal frequency again

This just in from Lyle.

Meal Frequency and Energy Balance - Research Review

I’d note, tangentially and I’ll come back to this below, that there is no data in humans that skipping a single meal or even a day’s worth of meals does anything to metabolic rate. Human metabolism simply doesn’t operate that quickly and various research into both fasting and intermittent fasting show, if anything, a slight (~5% or so) increase in metabolic rate during the initial period of fasting. The idea that skipping breakfast or a single meal slows metabolic rate or induces a starvation response is simply nonsensical.

Very comprehensive article on meal frequency, go read it. Lyle is a pillar of common sense and integrity, a rarity in this industry, and you can find my reviews of his writings here.

I've written about meal frequency on this site before:


And I've discussed the matter with Tom Venuto (who is a proponent of high meal frequency):



Emelie Edholm said...

Intressant läsning, väldigt bra förklarat och upplagt.

Mitchell @ Qwikbody said...


Thanks for pooling together this info. I'm always interested in any research regarding meal frequency, intermittent fasting and metabolism.


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