Friday, November 28, 2008

...and again

Nice personal story from a former client of mine on the topic of meal frequency.

Check it out

Jc had a blog called Fitness Food Porn, which later turned into the more politically correct Fitness Food Blog. He revamped his site completely and now has lot's of new content. Worth spending some time there.

Also, check out his killer cheesecake recpie in the Recipe section.

I'm a fool for cheesecake.


Czobit said...

Hi Martin,

I just started using your 16-8 method since Wednesday. Before that I was chained to the kitchen, following a six-meal-a-day plan. I couldn't stand it. The last few days have been a relief! I could relate to a lot of what was in your former client's post.

Obviously it's too early to tell what effect IF has had on my body composition, but since I've already benefited from the mental benefits, I suspect IF is a method I'll use from now on.


Martin Berkhan said...

Yet another one has seen the light. I'm pleased to hear it, Michael.

Anonymous said...

Intermittent fasting just makes life a lot more enjoyable! I will NEVER go back to my old eating habits!

JC said...

IFing definitely makes ones life easier, especially if they are constantly on the go. It is nice to see others breaking the cycle and realizing all the stuff floating around about meal frequency is nothing but dogma.

Zuck said...


I have been reading your blog, and the IF life site...I am ready to go. Tomorrow is day one!

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