Monday, September 1, 2008

Intermittent Fasting Roundtable + other stuff

Last week I participated in an intermittent fasting roundtable at Mike O'Donnell's blog. Nothing groundbreaking if you're familiar with the gist of my protocols and ideas, but well worth a read to see what Mike and Brad has to say about IF.

On the topic of blogs, you should also check out Lyle's six part series on the hormones of body weight regulation. A very good and comprehensive read about leptin, the body fat set point and it's implications for the dieter.

Another blog of interest is Chris Highcock's Conditioning Research which has heaps of studies on intermittent fasting.

That's all for today, but later this week I'll be announcing the winner of the anniversary/summer competition and post some new client results.


kamali said...


How would one go about setting up a lean gains intermittent fasting type protocol if they train twice a day? What do you suggest?


Anonymous said...

Hi Martin,

I was really intriqued about this round table - too bad that now the IF life link you provided is not working, instead it brings up a sales page for IF Life merc.

Love your site though. You the man!


superbootcamps george said...

Hi Martin,

(as I posted on your other page already...)

The link to the IF Roundtable with you and Brad Pillon is dead.

I have culled a copy from googles cache and put it on my site.

Its here

If you or anyone else want to link to it, or read it.


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