Friday, May 30, 2008

New pics

Added client pics in the May 21th post below. Check it out.

Book reviews (coming soon)

The Protein Book, by Lyle McDonald

The Stubborn Body Fat Solution, by Lyle McDonald

Eat Stop Eat, by Brad Pilon


MuscleBits said...

Nothing short of phenomenal! I've decided that I will embark upon the IF journey after summer ends and I head back up to the university. Anxiously awaiting the book!

Anonymous said...

Impressive results. Have you had similar success with clients who are ectomorphs or skinny fat? I'm 6'3" and weigh 175 lbs and am trying to gain 15 pounds of muscle and lose about 5 lbs of fat.

I'm also looking forward to the book.

Keep up the good work.

Martin Berkhan said...


the answer to that is yes, but for a true ectomorph I would rather focus on components separately, i.e alternating gain/cut per monthly or bi-weekly basis (rather than a traditional recomp setup with alternating days). It seems to work better that way.

anton said...


Your last comment interests me alot!

Would you still go for 16/8 IF with an ectomorph while bulking? Or is your conception that ectomorphs need "plain" bulking to gain effectively?

Thanks for the best blog!

Anonymous said...

very interested in answering Anton's question.

Bit of a IF discussion concerning ectomorphs at blog.

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