Friday, October 5, 2007

Satisfied clients, media controversy and morning workouts

Linda Mannila wrote an extensive review of her experience with the Leangains approach.

Check out her blog to read it

Linda clearly outlines what she feels is the primary benefits of the diet approach; less hunger, feeling satisfied despite losing weight and simplicity.

Another client blogging here: Kenneth Johansen

Kenneth made a deal with his friend - he would have to lose 22 pounds (start weight: 208 pounds) before November-07 and Kenneth would have to lose 28.5 pounds (start weight: 237.5 pounds).

If they didn't reach that goal, they'd have to get a piercing called "Prince Albert". I'll let you find out what a Prince Albert is if you check out his blog. Let's just say it doesn't sound very pleasant if you're a guy.

Problem is, Kenneth has been losing fat and gaining muscle on the diet, which he didnt expect, and therefore has about 14 lbs to go...Needless to say, he's very happy with the results (although it looks like he might have to prepare himself for a Prince Albert).

Media Controversy

Fitness champ Seth Ronland, who is following the Leangains approach, was recently featured in a swedish article where he spoke out about his diet.

Click here to read it (article in Swedish)

In the article Seth speaks about how the diet has changed his perspective on meal frequency and an lead to an improvement of life quality overall. Both Seth and his girlfriend are following the diet.

Of course, a certified, narrow-minded dietician named Petra Lundström feels the need to comment, saying "it's a lack of judgement for Seth to recommend the diet". In her arguments, she states various false claims about metabolism, blood glucose and brain functions.

I've sent an e-mail to the journalist, requesting an official debate/discussion with Petra on the topic. This could be a lot of fun, and I'm hoping she won't back down on my offer.

You can read about her comments here (article in Swedish)

Morning workouts and IF

I've been getting a lot of questions on how to structure meals in combination with morning workouts, without deviating from the plan; being that an 8 hour feeding phase is one of the fundamentals of the diet, morning workouts would have one starting the fast quite early, which for most people may feel a bit harder than fasting throughout the morning/lunch hours. Here's what I've responded to a recent post, adressing my opinion on the subject matter:

Hi Martin, glad you found your way over here. I have been following your blog for about 2 months now and am looking forward to your upcoming website and anything else you publish. Anyway, I am interested in your take on working out in the morning and how to fit that in w/ IF. I have been doing IF and feeling great but can only work out in the morning and, so take my post workout meal at that time. Is this ok, or what do you recommend?

"...for morning workouts, I usually recommend compromising a bit. The way I set this up, is to place a certain % of total calorie intake in an 8 hr feeding window pre-and post WO, and then "taper" calories towards the evening (high protein/low carb) in order to make a transition into the fasted phase (as low carb mimicks the effects from fasting to a certain degree). Thus, the feeding phase will be slightly longer than 8 hrs on workout days, but I consider this a good compromise in order to get proper PWO nutrition. Of course, one could go about this by initiating the fast in the afternoon/evening, but many consider this a bit daunting (and anecdtoally, fasting in the morning/lunch hours seems easier)."

That's all for today.

I really need to sort this blog out, it's such a mess. Website coming soon hopefully.


Chris said...

The blog is not that bad! You just need to keep posting!


wazzup said...

WTF are these guys sponsored ?

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- Isopure from Natures Best
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Fatty acids:
- Udo's Choice from Flora Health

Kenneth said...

I am not sponsored! I just added to my blog the supplements I am using. I am not using every supplement I have listed every day!

Kenneth "getfit" Johansen

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